Missions~n~Motion Puerto Rico

Meet, Greet, and Hit the Street!

November 30th-December 4th, 2019

*Service Project: Helping families affected by Hurricane Maria with the reconstruction of their homes.  Specialty skills in construction are a priority.

*$500 Per Person, Airfare not included (4nights 5 days housing, ground transportation and two meals per day) in addition water will be provided daily

Make checks payable to: Department of Evangelism and Missions. GDEM

Secure your spot today deadline is November 20, 2019

Contact: Rev. Phoebe Presson, Caribbean Missions-Coordinator

239-223-2019 or via email:  papresson@yahoo.com

Rev. Leon C. Moore, Jr.: General Secretary Evangelism and Missions cmegdem@gmail.com

Bishop Teresa Jefferson-Snorton                                             

Bishop Bobby R. Best Chair GDEM

Bishop Kenneth W. Carter- Chair of Foreign Missions

Bishop Lawrence L. Reddick III, Sr. Bishop

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