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Coronavirus Guidelines, Emergency and Pandemic Preparedness


Dear CME Family:

We are blessed that the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, Inc. (SDPC) has facilitated compilation of information as a congregational resource to address the evolving coronavirus risks. Please do not hesitate to share other resources we can pass along.. We are pleased to share the thoughtful guidelines with everyone.  Note, this is not presented as medical advice. We are confident it will assist you in your responses and feel free to use.

Additionally this virus reminds us how critical it is that our houses of worship have emergency planning and protocols in place. We have also linked the very relevant congregational based Emergency Preparedness Curriculum SDPC developed and implemented post Katrina. Please also refer to it to support future ministry efforts.  

Additionally, the Communication and Information Technology (CIT) Connectional Department is providing providing safety and readiness tips for cleaning and disinfecting common computing, office and telephone equipment, and guarding against phishing scam attempts using the coronavirus to leverage phishing schemes.

You can download and share these resources from the official CME Web site here.

Coronavirus Guidelines

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Official Web site for Coronavirus

Pandemic Preparations Checklist 

Emergency Preparedness Curriculum for African American Communities of Faith

Coronavirus Prevention Tips from the Communication and Information Technology (CIT) Connectional Department

Note:The Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, Inc. (SDPC) represents a cross section of progressive African American faith leaders and their congregations in the United States. The mission of the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference (SDPC) is to nurture, sustain, and mobilize the African American faith community in collaboration with civic, corporate, and philanthropic leaders to address critical needs of human rights and social justice within local, national, and global communities. Additional information about the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, Inc. (SDPC) is available here.

In the Service of the Lord,

Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick

Bishop Thomas L Brown, Sr., Chair of the College of Bishops

Bishop Teresa Jefferson-Snorton, Secretary of the College of Bishops

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