The CME Church

Special Message From the College of Bishops Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear CME Church Family:

The College of Bishops is aware of the serious nature of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and we seek to provide some guidance to you as you make decisions about your day-to-day life and about congregational life at the local level:

  1. Follow any restrictions and limitations imposed by local, state and federal officials.
  2. Follow all the recommended hand washing, sanitizing, disinfecting, social distancing and self-observation techniques recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (
  3. Continuation of scheduled Episcopal District and Regional meetings will be determined by the Presiding Bishop.
  4. Continuation of local church services will be determined by the Pastor. If local church services are held, please put extra precautions in place, particularly around serving communion, baptisms, taking up offerings and other activities that involve multiple people touching objects or being in close proximity with others.
  5. Urge seniors and persons with compromised immune systems to limit their contact with others.
  6. Consider holding services, bible study, and other church meetings via video- or tele-conferencing.
  7. Be in prayer for all victims, for our nation, other for countries affected by this pandemic.

As this outbreak continues to unfold, we may issue further recommendations for our CME Church family. Questions may be directed to your Presiding Bishop.

On behalf of the CME College of Bishops,

Lawrence Reddick, Senior Bishop

Thomas Brown, Sr., Chair, College of Bishops

Teresa Jefferson-Snorton, Secretary, College of Bishops