CED Sunday School VIRTUAL Lesson for 5/17

Dr. Carmichael Crutchfield, General Secretary
Department of Christian Education
P.O. Box 16507  –  Memphis, TN  38186-6507

For additional information contact:
Charles L. Coney, Technology Consultant  
(901) 264-9116
“CME CED Church School VIRTUAL Lesson Available for 5/17/2020”

We are pleased to share with you the success of our Virtual Church School as published by the CME Department of Christian Education & Formation. The CME CED Church School YouTube Channel Videos have been viewed over 15,000 times since we created the YouTube Channel back in March of this year.  As committed, we offer to you this week’s Virtual Church School Lesson, “Practicing Justice” with Instructor, Dr. Carmichael D. Crutchfield, CME Department of Christian Education and Nurture General Secretary.  We also welcome, Rev. Keenan Klein-Winters, Immediate Past President CME Young Adult Ministry President & Pastor of the First CME Church in Montgomery, Ala., who offers this week’s prayer.  The lesson continues the Eastertide Celebration and proves to be a great compliment to your existing Christian Education curriculum.

CME Department of Christian Education & Formation YouTube Channel:



Click here to download the Lesson Outline

The video includes music, scripture, lecture, challenge, and application.  It may be utilized in concert with your existing Church School or in substitution given the personal distancing parameters we are experiencing.  For example, this video might be viewed by members in your congregations with a conference call held during the regular Church School period to offer facilitated discussion and review.  There are CME Certified Christian Educators across the Episcopal Districts ready to offer assistance and creative solutions in concert with what we have done and are doing.  Even during this crisis, we must be concerned about the spiritual needs of our congregations in addition to their physical and health needs.  We welcome your feedback as we seek to expand the resources from the Department of Christian Education & Formation.  Join us each Wednesday at Noon (CST) for the CME Connectional Virtual Bible Study sponsored by the Department.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to those who have been affected by this unprecedented event affecting the world today. We especially appreciate the healthcare workers, local communities and government entities around the country who are working tirelessly to contain COVID-19.

Feel free to forward this email to anyone in your Church School circle.  They may subscribe directly to this announcement by sending an email to sundayschool@thecmechurchced.org

Remember our MISSION Formula:
Our goal is to make disciples through “events that form and transform.”


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