May 1, 2020

TO:             Members of the C.M.E. Church

FROM:       The Emergency Relief Committee

SUBJECT:   Tornado Relief

As you are aware about two weeks ago several tornados touched down and left its damages in the states of Mississippi and Alabama as it moved eastward.  Having heard from the Bishops in those areas, many CMEs, particularly in Mississippi, were affected and in Alabama one of our churches were totally destroyed.  As usual with tornados, the devastation of property loss and death leave many people grieved and in need.  Although it will take some time for the damages to be repaired and for the people to return to a sense of normalcy, we the members of the Emergency Relief Committee request each Church to receive a generous love offering to help those in need.  As always, we ask that you would follow the usual process of forwarding your checks (payable to the Department of Finance) to your Episcopal Leader who will record the offering and forward it to the Department of Finance. It is through your generous gifts that we, the C.M.E. Church, continue to assist those in need.  As always, your promptness and generosity are appreciated. 

In His Service,

Bishop Sylvester Williams, Sr.

Bishop Sylvester Williams, Sr.

Chairman, Committee on Emergency Relief

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