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Growing The Church During A Pandemic

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Growing The Church

During A Pandemic

General Secretary Rev. Leon Moore, Jr.

 Rev. Leon C. Moore, Jr., General Secretary of Evangelism and Missions


Although the doors for many churches have been closed since mid-March 2020, we have a unique opportunity as pastors and laity to look at innovative ways to grow the local church. Doing things right the first time will allow us to reach people who are seeking an authentic and healthy relationship with God.  

Many of us have found ourselves in a strange place with live streaming, Zoom, YouTube, Duo, and other social media platforms. Which have become our new meeting places, gathering places, and sacred places of worship Yet, to grow the church the pastor cannot do it by her/his self. No, the pastor or leader who understands our current climate also understands the power of teamwork. For the work of growing the church during a pandemic must be intentional. We cannot allow ourselves to be haphazard about the work. Many people have several virtual options. Grapple with the question, why should they unite with your congregation?  

There are several teams you would need to successfully grow your church during a pandemic. I suggest the following: 

 Prayer team 

 Technology team 

 Hospitality team 

 Follow-up team

Even with the best team and greatest minds, we cannot take for granted the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus, The Christ. Preaching must take precedent over all else. When we gather in any form our primary purpose for coming together must be worship. So, when people join your virtual, parking lot, teleconferences, and in-person worship it is imperative that you create a space for Worship. Lead them into the life-changing experience called worship. 

However, it will take a conscious calculated effort with a passion to see people’s lives changed for Jesus. If you need more information, please contact me at This e-blast serves as the foundation to a greater body of work that will be forthcoming.  

We are The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church recognizing the importance of Christ in our daily lives.

Leon C. Moore, Jr.

General Secretary of Evangelism and Missions

Pleasant Hill CME, Conyers, GA


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