Call to Action

Dear CME Family,

Join the College of Bishops in their Call to Action to lift up the importance to register, vote and get to the polls. Thanks to Bishop Marvin Thomas for leading this initiative. Each week, a Bishop will present a Call to Action video. The schedule is as follows.

• September 13th and 16th – Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick
• September 20th and 23rd –Bishop Henry M. Williamson, Sr.
• September 27th and 3rd –Bishop Thomas L. Brown, Sr.
• October 4th and 7th –Bishop Teresa Jefferson-Snorton
• October 11th and 14th –Bishop James B. Walker
• October 18th and 21st –Bishop Sylvester Williams, Sr.
• October 23rd - Bishop Godwin T. Umoette
• October 25th and 28th –Bishop Kenneth W. Carter
• October 30th -Bishop Paul A. G. Stewart, Sr.
• October 31st -Bishop Marvin Frank Thomas, Sr.
• November 1st -Bishop C. James King, Jr.
• November 2nd -Bishop Othal H. Lakey
• November 3rd- Bishop Marshall Gilmore or Designee

You may view the videos on the official CME Web site, CME Facebook page, and the CME YouTube channel.

A Call to Action: Register, Vote, and Get to the Polls



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