January 8, 2021


In response to the mob violence in the Nation’s Capitol, the Board of Trustees of The Phillips School of Theology in its scheduled meeting on January 6, 2021, requested and commends Bishop Othal Lakey for drafting the following statement. 

Bishop Sylvester Williams, Sr., Chair

Board of Trustees, Phillips School of Theology


Board of Trustees Phillips School of Theology

Statement Concerning Mob Violence in Nation’s Capitol

The Board of Trustees of the Phillips School of Theology, the seminary of the Christian Methodist Church of the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia, in its annual meeting held January 6, 2021, Bishop Sylvester Williams, Chair, enters upon its record the following statement regarding mob violence that occurred this day in the nation’s capitol:

           With deep dismay and sober concern, we take notice that on the day Christians celebrate Epiphany, January 6, a violent mob stormed the Capitol of the United States, occupied the chambers of the United States House of Representatives with guns drawn, ransacked the offices, including the Speaker of the House and terrorized the elected leaders of the nation. Most disturbing to us is that this insurrection was at the behest and urging of the President of the United States upon his blasphemous and blatantly false claim that the recent presidential election was stolen from him. In the Name of the Christ whom we serve as Lord, members of a church that has been at the forefront of the call for justice and righteousness, and citizens from all sections of the nation we condemn these dastardly acts and call for law enforcement authorities to locate and prosecute the perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law. We commit to the hands of our God, who sees all everyone does and hears all each one says, a President, before whom he must one day stand in judgment.

           As Christians, however, we do recognize that even in the darkness of our dismay over the events of this day, our God has given us two bright rays of hope. On this day an African American pastor and a young Jewish business executive, both committed to this nation living up to its creed of liberty and justice for all, were elected the Senators from the state of Georgia. For us, their election is evidence that God is still God and, as Marian Anderson used to sing, “He’s got the whole world in his hands.”


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