The CME Church

The Church in Prayer, Connection, Worship and Action: A Message from General Secretary Rev. Leon C. Moore, Jr.

Rev Leon Moore




A winter vortex engulfed parts of the southern United States in February. Hearing and seeing the people in the State of Texas suffer from no power for several days was not ok, knowing our sister and brothers were hurting. I prayed and God lead the way on Friday, February 19, 2021 while sitting in my car. I made a call to Sr. Bishop Lawrence L. Reddick III. We conversed and I asked the following question, “What can the Department of Evangelism and Missions do to help and what is the greatest need?” After a pause, his reply was the need for water in Houston. I said I would like to help. Sr. Bishop stated, “If you can get water to the people, that would be a big help.”


The Church in Prayer 

      After speaking with Sr. Bishop Reddick, I made a call to Rev. Bonita Collings-Hobbs (CPM) and asked her to assemble a team of prayer warriors to pray for the mission. The original plan was to drive to Mississippi, pick up a truck and water, then drive to Houston. I called Dr. Pene’ Woods and she called Rev. Gerald Hudson so we could converse. However, Rev. Hudson informed me later that a truck would not be available until February 24, 2021. Rev. Hudson also collected water to send to Houston. My plan was not going to work. I made a call to Ken Porter, a member of Shy Temple CME (Dr. James Clements Pastor). Bro. Porter and I had driven to Houston a few years before when hurricane Harvey hit Houston. I asked Bro. Porter if he was up to ridding to Houston and he replied with excitement, “Whatever we need to do.”

  Making Connections

      I called each Episcopal Leader whose District we would travel through to get to Houston, Texas. Bishop Teresa Jefferson-Snorton and Bishop C. James King offered help and assistance. I called the Chair of the disaster relief committee, Bishop Sylvester Williams, who was also willing to assist.

The Church in Worship

      We left Atlanta at 3:30 AM on Sunday morning with six pallets of water headed to Meridian, MS. We arrived in Meridian at 7:45 AM and Rev. Gerald Hudson welcomed us. We picked up an additional 2 pallets of water (case water) from Newell Chapel CME Church members as more members started showing up with additional water as well.

We finished loading the water and headed to Houston, TX. Bro. Porter joined his worship experience with the Shy Temple family by Zoom. I was present for worship at Pleasant Hill as we celebrated Black History Month with Rev. Robert Mclaughlin as messenger. We both were able to participate in worship while on the mission. We celebrated Jesus all the way to Houston.

The Church in Action

      Our destination was the Metropolitan CME Church in Houston, TX where we were greeted by Presiding Elder Wayne Mays, Pastor Allen Page, and a plethora of pastors, ministers, and laity of the Houston District. Once at Metropolitan they began unloading the truck, breaking down the pallets and loading vehicles with water. What a sight to see the church in action and a Sunday local mission experience seeing the church from the four-phases of prayer, connection, worship, and action. God had a mission and used vessels to execute it as we saw our sisters and brothers hurting and knew that was not the plan of God (Matthew 25: 31-46). God is calling the church to action. How will we answer when we hear and see the people of God in need?


We are The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church recognizing the importance of Christ in our daily lives.


Leon C. Moore, Jr.

General Secretary of Evangelism and Missions

Pleasant Hill CME, Conyers, GA