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Candidate Vendor Package

and Campaign Material Distribution

To All Candidates for an Elected Office at the 39th Quadrennial Session and the 40th convening of the General Conference of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, June 25, 2022-July 1, 2022. 

 Bishop James B. Walker, Chair

Candidate Vendor Package Availability

A Candidate Vendor Package (see the link below) is available through the Department of Publication Services to persons seeking election to an office at the 40th General Conference. Candidates seeking approved venues to distribute campaign materials prior to day three of the General conference should submit their completed contract immediately in order to be operational by June 24, 2022. The Candidate Vendor Package is here.


Regulations Regarding Campaign Materials

Paragraph 1500.15. of the 2018 Discipline of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church addresses Distribution of Materials by Candidates for Office(s) with the following statement. “No campaign materials shall be distributed within the Convention Hall in which the General Conference meets prior to 12 noon on the third day of the General Conference. Furthermore, no materials can be placed or posted on walls, elevators, windows, or any other permanent fixture.” 

All Candidates are expected to abide by this regulation.


Campaign Material Distribution 

Distributing campaign materials and related activities on the grounds of hotels contracted by the CME Church are actions governed by hotel policy. Be advised that contracted hotels have specific pricing and safety protocols for certain campaign related activities. Candidates/campaigns are strictly advised to contact each hotel regarding their proposed activities.


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