#CME150 Sunday Afternoon Conversation Series with Dr. Skip Mason

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CME150 Conversation with Miles College

CME150 Conversation with the Phillips School of Theology Family

Chaplaincy in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church

Bishop C. James King, Jr.

Bishop Godwin T. Umoette

150 Years of Women in the Ministry

Connectional Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Bishop Marvin Frank Thomas, Sr.

Bishop Sylvester Williams, Sr.

Bishop Kenneth W. Carter, 55th Bishop

Bishop James B. Walker, 56th Bishop

Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick, 51st Bishop

Bishop Paul A.G. Stewart, Retired 50th Bishop

Bishop Henry M. Williamson, Sr., 52nd Bishop

Bishop Marshall Gilmore, Retired 41st Bishop

Bishop Teresa Jefferson-Snorton, 55th Bishop

Bishop Thomas L. Brown, Sr., 54th Bishop

Retired Bishop Othal H. Lakey, 44th Bishop

Conversations with Families of Late Bishops


families group conversations



Family of the Late Bishop James L. Cummings

And the World premiere of a CMAM Film presentation of Bishop Lucius Holsey and Rev. F.M. Hamilton’s “O’ Raptuous Scenes” arranged by Dr. Kelli D. Williamson Key and featuring some of the “Children of Episcopal Leaders”

Family of the Late Bishop Joseph C. Coles

The Descendants of Bishop Joseph A. Beebe and Bishop Robert S. Williams

Family of the Late Bishop Charles Helton

Family of the Late Senior Bishop Nathaniel Linsey

Fathers Day Conversation with the sons of

  • 31st Bishop Norris S. Curry
  • 36th Bishop Caesar D. Coleman
  • 43rd Bishop Dotsy I. Isom
  • 47th Bishop Richard Oliver Bass, Sr.

Family of Bishop Wallace Edward Lockett, the 57th Bishop 

An Evening Conversation with the Families of

Family of Bishop Joseph A. Johnson, Jr., the 34th Bishop 

Family of Bishop Thomas Lanier Hoyt, Jr., the 48th Bishop

Family of Bishop William H. Graves, Sr., the 42nd Bishop 



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