Missions At Home by Rev. Leon C. Moore, Jr., General Secretary of Evangelism and Missions

By cmechurchadmin | April 9, 2021

  Mission trips to Africa, Jamaica and Haiti are exciting, that is true. But do you know there are missions in the USA that the church is called to do. There are the homeless out on the street They are cold in the winter and scorched in the heat They need blankets and it would…


Go, See Jesus, Beyond the Tomb by Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick

By cmechurchadmin | April 4, 2021

Dear CME Family:           The Jerusalem story – which most of us have been highlighting this past Holy Week –withdraws from center stage in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke just long enough to hear of a sighting (yes, a seeing, a focusing) in Galilee. “He is not here, but is risen:  remember how he…


Update on the Uganda Church Planting 2021 Project from General Secretary Rev. Leon C. Moore, Jr.

By cmechurchadmin | April 1, 2021

God created a vision to plant churches in the Country of Uganda. The Uganda Planting Project 2021 was birthed. So, from January 1st, 2021 – March 31st, 202, The Department of Evangelism and Missions set a goal of 176 church plants. I am glad to write we reached the goal of 176 persons who planted…



By cmechurchadmin | March 30, 2021

Following a recent family calamity, a pastor wrote me saying, “My Connectional church has taken care of us and we are grateful.”  I’m writing in the spirit of that pastor to thank the Connection for responding to the people of Texas in our time of need.  This past February, during a time when our electrical…

The Church in Prayer, Connection, Worship and Action: A Message from General Secretary Rev. Leon C. Moore, Jr.

By cmechurchadmin | March 5, 2021

      A winter vortex engulfed parts of the southern United States in February. Hearing and seeing the people in the State of Texas suffer from no power for several days was not ok, knowing our sister and brothers were hurting. I prayed and God lead the way on Friday, February 19, 2021 while…

ITC’s Virtual Commencement is Today (Saturday, February 27, 2021) at 1:00 p.m. ET

By cmechurchadmin | February 27, 2021

        Dear CME Family, The Interdenominational Theological Center will hold its first virtual Commencement for the 2020 graduates today at 1:00 PM ET. The program for the ITC’s first virtual Commencement is here. We are so proud of our graduates and thousands of distinguished alumni.  Dr. Paul L. Brown, Sr., President-Dean of the…

Preparing During Lent; But Preparing for What? by Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick

By cmechurchadmin | February 17, 2021

Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick Dear CME Family:           I am eternally indebted to my parents and to the churches of my first formation (Phillips CME in Huntsville, Ala., and Frazier CME in Athens, Ala.) and the church of a later formation (Scruggs Memorial, St. Louis, Mo.) for learning and exercising the importance of the Lenten…

The Message from General Secretary Rev. Leon C. Moore, Jr.

By cmechurchadmin | February 15, 2021

Have you ever thought about the power of a voice? Well, over the last few months we have listened to a lot of different voices, not just the audible voices but the voices of silence as well. The byproduct of the voice is speaking, the ability to express thoughts and feelings by articulating sound. In…

Learn How to Lose by Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick

By cmechurchadmin | February 14, 2021

Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick  Dear CME Family:           For more than 3 months – November, December, January, and now into February – President Donald J. Trump has denied that he lost the 2020 Presidential Election.  He has gone to the Courts to fight it, he has lamblasted companies that created the voting machines, he has…

Ad Space Available in The Christian Index: Candidates for Connectional Office

By cmechurchadmin | February 6, 2021