OFFICIAL NOTICE: Unity Summit 2021 Rescheduled – General Connectional Board 2021

By cmechurchadmin | June 22, 2021

OFFICIAL NOTICE: Unity Summit 2021 Rescheduled General Connectional Board 2021       Pursuant to ¶1000.6, §2, of The Book of Discipline, Revised 2018, the 2021 General Connectional Board, previously scheduled for Dallas, Texas, during the week of the Unity Summit, will meet virtually on Thursday, September 2, 2021, beginning at 10:00 A.M. Central Daylight…

Can I Get a Witness?: A Message from General Secretary Rev. Leon C. Moore, Jr.

By cmechurchadmin | June 3, 2021

We are preparing to reenter the foyers, naves, and pulpits. What is the expectation of the post-pandemic church? Over the last year, we have been tested and tried, but God has brought us through. Yes, we have some scars, and yes, we have unresolved issues lingering in our society, but we must become better, not…


Another Try: the Import of the Holy Spirit by Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick

By cmechurchadmin | May 29, 2021

Dear CME Family:           When recently did you press “SEND” after writing an email – and wished right away that you could take it back?  That happened to me last Saturday night, after writing “Another Comforter” and pressing “SEND.”           I was concerned that I had not written sufficiently about the topic.  I was concerned…


Another Comforter by Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick

By cmechurchadmin | May 23, 2021

Dear CME Family:           My Greek-English lexicon says that the word parakletos means helper, intercessor, mediator, one who appears in another’s behalf; many of our works have translated the word as one called alongside to help.  It is the word in this text that’s translated “Comforter”:  “And I will pray the Father, and he shall…

Changes to CME Department Chairs

By cmechurchadmin | May 20, 2021

Effective May 18, 2021, by action and vote of the CME College of Bishops, the following changes have been implemented as to the leadership of the listed CME General Departments: Department of Publications – new Chair, Bishop Kenneth W. Carter Department of Finance and Investments – new Chair, Bishop Sylvester Williams, Vice-Chair – Bishop Kenneth…


The Ascension … and Anticipation by Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick

By cmechurchadmin | May 14, 2021

Dear CME Family: One of the pastors of the Eighth Episcopal District awoke my liturgical calendar yesterday (Wednesday, May 12) when she responded to a text of mine.  What I was writing about was, I thought, scheduled to happen on Wednesday.  Her telephone text answer brought a smile:  “Bishop, thank you, but it is on…

Church School as an Evangelism Vehicle that Drives Our Spirituality

By cmechurchadmin | May 4, 2021

 Rev. Leon C. Moore, Jr., General Secretary of Evangelism and Missions When is the last time you attended Church School? Yes, I realize we are still in a pandemic, however, that should not stop us from attending Church School. For some, the thought of going to school can be rather alarming. However, for others, it…

Historical African American Collins Chapel Connectional Hospital Reopens To Serve The Homeless

By cmechurchadmin | April 19, 2021

            FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 16, 2021 Contact:  Bishop Henry M. Williamson, Sr. 901.345.4114 |   HISTORICAL AFRICAN AMERICAN COLLINS CHAPEL CONNECTIONAL HOSPITAL  REOPENS TO SERVE THE HOMELESS   Memphis, TN  –  The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church under the leadership of Bishop Henry M. Williamson, Sr. has partnered with the Room In The Inn…

Missions At Home by Rev. Leon C. Moore, Jr., General Secretary of Evangelism and Missions

By cmechurchadmin | April 9, 2021

  Mission trips to Africa, Jamaica and Haiti are exciting, that is true. But do you know there are missions in the USA that the church is called to do. There are the homeless out on the street They are cold in the winter and scorched in the heat They need blankets and it would…


Go, See Jesus, Beyond the Tomb by Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick

By cmechurchadmin | April 4, 2021

Dear CME Family:           The Jerusalem story – which most of us have been highlighting this past Holy Week –withdraws from center stage in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke just long enough to hear of a sighting (yes, a seeing, a focusing) in Galilee. “He is not here, but is risen:  remember how he…