Make “Opening Up” a Loving and Caring Decision By Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick

By cmechurchadmin | May 24, 2020

Dear CME Family,            It is not President Trump’s job to tell God’s churches when or how or why to worship.  That is not any President’s or secular leader’s job.  We agree with President Trump that worship is essential, and we urge him and all who lead us in the secular domain and in God’s…

A Message About Re-Opening CME Church Buildings From The College of Bishops

By cmechurchadmin | May 22, 2020

Dear CME Family, Our prayer is that you are weathering the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic, sustained by faith and surrounded by God’s love and mercy! To those who have experienced the virus up close, as a patient or a family member, and to those who have lost loved ones, we offer special prayers. We…


Tornado Relief

By cmechurchadmin | May 1, 2020

May 1, 2020 TO:             Members of the C.M.E. Church FROM:       The Emergency Relief Committee SUBJECT:   Tornado Relief As you are aware about two weeks ago several tornados touched down and left its damages in the states of Mississippi and Alabama as it moved eastward.  Having heard from the Bishops in those areas, many CMEs, particularly…

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Statement by The Conference of National Black Churches & Civil Rights Leaders Encourage Communities to Stay at Home

By cmechurchadmin | April 25, 2020



Virtual Ministry Opportunities: Online Technology Resources

By cmechurchadmin | April 18, 2020

Virtual Ministry Resources CME Church Virtual Worship Service Directory Virtual Ministry Opportunities Presentations:  PowerPoint show PDF Worship Arts Reimagined   Video A general understanding of integrating worship arts in electronic mediums from basic to more advanced.  The Connectional Music and Arts Ministry (CMAM) covers licensing worship planning teleconference meeting platform and streaming.  Zoom Zoom: Zoom combines video…

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Apply Now for 2020-2021 Connectional CPE Program

By cmechurchadmin | April 11, 2020

Applications are being accepted for the Connectional Clinical Pastoral Education Program, an educational experience for ministers and laypersons of all denominations to enhance their professional pastoral skills and personal development but are unable to be in a traditional CPE program due to time or other restrictions. It also enables probationary ministers in the Christian Methodist…


Special Message From the College of Bishops Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

By cmechurchadmin | March 12, 2020

Dear CME Church Family: The College of Bishops is aware of the serious nature of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and we seek to provide some guidance to you as you make decisions about your day-to-day life and about congregational life at the local level: Follow any restrictions and limitations imposed by local, state and federal…


Coronavirus Guidelines, Emergency and Pandemic Preparedness

By cmechurchadmin | March 3, 2020

Dear CME Family: We are blessed that the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, Inc. (SDPC) has facilitated compilation of information as a congregational resource to address the evolving coronavirus risks. Please do not hesitate to share other resources we can pass along.. We are pleased to share the thoughtful guidelines with everyone.  Note, this is not presented…


Dr. Louise Baker Brown: Clothed With Strength And Dignity

By cmechurchadmin | February 29, 2020

Dr. Louise Baker Brown: Clothed With Strength And Dignity

Statement on the Focus & Strategic Planning of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church

By cmechurchadmin | August 17, 2019

From the CME College of Bishops August 17, 2019 In 2018, the CME Church began work on a strategic plan for the denomination. The Bishops and General Officers met together with a facilitator to begin the visioning process in September 2018. In December 2018, members of the Church were invited to submit their thoughts and recommendations…