Candidates for Bishops Application Information

The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Candidate Applications

§3. All persons who seek to be elected a bishop in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church shall provide proof of having successfully passed a background and/or fingerprinting check to the General Conference Secretary prior to being placed on the ballot at the General Conference.

§4. A General Officer who seeks the office of Bishop in the CME Church shall not concurrently seek re-election to the office he or she presently holds.¶ 1000.5 §1 Errata Section further states, the General Connectional Board shall have authority as follows: “Serve as a screening committee to evaluate the qualifications of persons seeking to be elected to a General Office by the General Conference and require persons seeking the offices of General Secretary of Personnel Services, or General Secretary of Finance and Investments, or Bishop to submit to a credit report and a certified background check."


Below you will find the link to the Bishop's Application to fill out the online form and upload a resume/bio (up to two pages). After submission, you will receive via email a receipt of your application and biographical statement, and a link to the Background Check - Global Link for S2Verify Swifthire.

Bishop Application | Link

Bishop Application for Candidates Living Outside of the United States | Link

International Applicant Data Form | Link

For Candidates Living Outside of the United States

Please provide the following information to S2-Verify:

1. A completed Consent Form / Link

2. A completed International Data Form / Link

3. A complete copy of your passport

Please email all of the above documents to Craig Zatorski Thank you.