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Role of Judicial Council & Application

THE JUDICIAL COUNCIL F THE CHRISTIAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH (Per the 2018 Discipline of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Chapter 44, Paragraph 1001, Page 177)

Judicial Council
¶ 804. There shall be a Judicial Council of the Christian Methodist Episcopal
Church with membership, authority, and procedure as herein set forth.

¶ 804.1. Membership. The Judicial Council shall be composed of nine (9)
members, four (4) of whom shall be clergy persons in Full Connection; and five (5)
of whom shall be lay persons who shall have been members of the CME Church
for at least eight years prior to their election.

¶ 804.2. Members of the Judicial Council shall be elected by the General
Conference in regular session as follows:

§1. The College of Bishops shall nominate at least twice the number of clergy
and lay persons that are to be elected at that session. Other persons may be nominated
from the floor.

¶ 804.2 Judicial Administration
§2. Preparation of ballots and voting shall be in accordance with procedures
adopted by the General Conference, provided that the age(s) of persons nominated
will be filed with the Secretary of the General Conference; and provided further
that a person must receive a simple majority of votes cast to be elected.

§3. Members of the Judicial Council shall not be eligible to be delegates to the
General Conference or members of the General Connectional Board.

¶ 804.3. Members of the Judicial Council shall be elected for a term of eight
years, and shall be eligible for reelection.

¶ 804.4. Judicial Council members are automatically retired at the General
Conference nearest their seventy fourth (74th) birthday.

¶ 804.5. There shall be three clergy and three lay Alternate Members of the
Judicial Council whose eligibility and mode of election shall be the same as members
of the Council, provided that the clergy and lay categories shall be respectively

§1. Alternate members of the Judicial Council shall be elected from among
persons nominated but not elected in the balloting for regular members in a separate
ballot, provided that the three persons in each category (lay and clergy) receiving
the highest number of votes shall be elected.

§2. The term of Alternate Members shall be for four years.

§3. The Alternate Members shall fill vacancies in the Council in the order in
which they were elected, provided that the Alternate filling a vacancy shall serve
the unexpired term of the member the Alternate succeeds.


Below you will find the link to the Judicial Council Nomination Inquiry to fill out the online form and upload a resume/bio (up to two pages). After submission, you will receive via email a receipt of your application and biographical statement.

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