Bishop Teresa Jefferson-Snorton

Bishop Teresa Jefferson-Snorton

Chair, Endorser

Rev. James E. Smith, Jr.


Chaplaincy Endorsement Process

The CME Church joins the Pan-Methodist Commission Online Chaplaincy Endorsement Process

Beginning January 2019, all requests for Ecclesiastical Endorsement from The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church will be submitted using the Pan-Methodist on-line application.


You will need to self-register at  or request online access by contacting the site administrators in the office of the United Methodist Endorsing Agency - General Board of Higher Education and Ministry by e-mailing: or calling: 615-340-7411.


Once you have your user name, which normally will be your business e-mail address, set up your unique access code (password), and state role/reason for requesting access: ApplicantReviewer for the Board of Chaplains, or Recommender (confidential character reference), all you will need to do is follow the below on-screen prompts for APPLICATION:

  • Select Denomination: Christian Methodist Episcopal
  • Select area(s) ecclesiastical endorsement is being requested for example: “Military and Civilian Ecclesiastical Endorsement,” “Ecclesiastical Approval - Volunteer Chaplains,” “Military Chaplain Candidate Program” or “Clinical Pastoral Education”.
  • Applicant will need to enter contact information for their Presiding Bishop and your references. The Pan-Methodist Commission Ecclesiastical Endorsement cyber secure encrypted informational system will automatically notify them by e-mail along with periodic reminders that you are requesting their professional reference and how to submit using the online tool.
  • Under the TASKS tab, in keeping with CME Book of Discipline ¶423.4 §3, applicant upload required support documents including but not limited to Endorsement Application, Social Security Number Form, Recent Photograph, com background check, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) profile or The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) assessment, transcripts, clinical pastoral education certification certificate as applicable, Essay - A Succinct Spiritual Life History, Essay - Ministry in the Setting to which you are Called To Serve, Essay on Remaining Connected to the CME Church, and documents required by the Institution applicant is seeking to serve.
  • Pay processing fee using the secure encrypted automatic payment portal


Once the CME Chaplains Coordinator has completed the Administrative Review Stage to check the application package for completeness, CME President of the Chaplains’ Board will be tasked with assigning members of the Board to serve as Virtual Interviewers and Presenters, leveraging technologies such as ( or or, for the Chaplain Assessment Review and Evaluation (C.A.R.E.) Board.


The CME Endorsing Agent, after reviewing the recommendations of the Chaplain Coordinator, Chaplains Board and on-line package, will notify applicant of final decision and provide the endorsement.


Ecclesiastical endorsement affirms clergy discerned by the church to be called by God to services as chaplain who are highly qualified and authorized to perform the full range of ministry required in pluralistic settings beyond the local church.

All chaplains are pastors, though not all pastors are called by God to be chaplains.

Only clergy who evidence and demonstrate the highest levels of competence through certified and approved education training and supervised ministerial experience need apply.

Highly qualified endorsed ordained clergy of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church have vocational opportunities to serve God in professional chaplaincy settings such as the military, VA, FBI, CIA, Secret Service, ICE, Bureau of Prisons, health-care, collegiate ministry, community emergency response services, retirement communities, children’s homes, hospice, marriage and family therapy, mental health, counseling centers, airports, cruise lines, sport organizations, Purdue Chicken, and other specialized ministries.



Prayerfully seek God’s wisdom in answering the Call To Serve as a CME Chaplain


Book of Discipline

¶423.4  - ¶423.5      CME Church’s Procedures for endorsement


Online application