Connectional Organizations


Connectional Organizations are groups and organizations established within the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church for special services, to perform specific tasks, and/or bring together persons with mutual needs, interests and concerns that become connectional in scope and independent of the General Departments of the Church.

The Connectional Organizations of the CME Church are as follows:

  • The CME Historical Society
  • The Communication and Information Technology (CIT) Connectional Department
  • Chaplains
  • The Connectional Christian Educators’ Council
  • The Connectional Lay Institute
  • Connectional Music and Arts Ministry
  • The Connectional Young Adult Ministry
  • The Ministers and Laymen’s Council
  • The Ministers’ Spouses Organization
  • The National Association of CME Church Scouters
  • The Presiding Elders Council


The total program of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church shall be projected and evaluated by Connectional Commissions.

The Connectional Commissions and Committees are as follows:


  • Commission on Faith and Order
  • Commission on Life and Witness
  • Commission on Social Justice and Human Concerns
  • Commission on Ecumenicity
  • Commission on Concerns of Women in the Ministry
  • Commission on Ritual and Worship


  • Committee on Ministerial Assessment