April 1, 2020

Dear CME Family,

I greet you in the name of the One in whom we are formed and nurtured, Jesus the Christ. I am praying that you are in good health. The last several weeks have been a time of many things, but for me, the word “change” stands out.

The wise leadership of the College of Bishops has issued a call to cancel CYYAC20I am in total agreement that at this time we cannot continue to plan for an event this summer with the looming presence of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Above all, our ultimate concern is the safety and well-being of our CME Church family and for all the people that we might have interaction.

The plan is to reschedule for the summer of 2021, however, at this point we do not have a date or contracted venue. As one who has planned CYYAC four previous times prior to CYYAC20, I am very aware of what must take place from this day forward. I even can anticipate the questions that you may have and there is no answer for them presently.

I ask of you to help me and the Department of Christian Education and Formation by giving us time, at least one month, to sort out where we go from here concerning CYYAC registrations, hotel reservations, dates, venues, etcEmailing, texting, or calling me or the staff will not be very helpful. I promise you as we have communicated throughout the planning of CYYAC20, we will be just as diligent in our continual communication to you monthly.

It will not be helpful to call the hotel until you hear from the Department. Remember every entity in this country is working with minimum personnel. If there is a need for you to contact the hotel, the Department will communicate that to you.

The Department will continue to work diligently on behalf of you personally and the CME Church!



With the love of Christ,

Carmichael Crutchfield