The CME Church

Evangelism and Missions

The Department of Evangelism and Missions

Rev Leon Moore

Rev. Dr. Leon Moore, Jr.

General Secretary of Evangelism and Missions

Evangelism and Missions

50 Sunset Avenue NW Unit #92763

Atlanta, GA 30314

Telephone: 678-362-7549

Bishop Paul A.G. Stewart, Chair

The Department of Evangelism and Missions develops and promotes programs that help local congregations become more aware of and involved in evangelism and social issues. The General Secretary is Rev. Dr. Leon Moore, Jr.

The department directs workshops, seminars, and conferences, at annual, district and local congregational levels on the meaning of and strategies for evangelism and the social ministry of the church. It also prepares position papers and statements on vital social, political and moral issues before the church and the world and represents the CME Church, when necessary, at conferences and seminars when these issues are being debated.

This department serves as the focal point of the ecumenical witness and involvement of the CME Church on evangelistic and social concerns.

Training Resources

PowerPoint Presentations

Canvassing for Christ

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Evangelistic Love Book, Chapter 1 for C-ME Grow 5-11-21

Investment in Evangelism – 6-22-21 CCJ – update

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Let’s Go Fishing – Preparation -4-27-21

Methodist Framework for Evangelism – 5-30-21

Practical Evangelism

The Anatomy of an Evangelism Campaign

The Great Commission – GDEM – C-ME Grow – 5-11-21

Vine Evangelism for C-ME Grow 4-13-21

Faith Sharing – 9-28-21

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Bishop Thomas L. Brown’s Sr. presentation on Vibrant Local Church Promotion in the CME Church,“A Training Manual for Vibrant Local Church Development and Planting New Churches,” is available here.

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