The Laity: Engaging in Effective Ministry

Dr. Clifford Harris General Secretary, Lay Ministry

Dr. Cliff Harris
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Bishop Marvin F. Thomas, Sr.


The Department of Lay Ministry, one of ten (10) General Departments within the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, is led by General Secretary, Dr. Clifford L. Harris.

The Department aids the CME Church in equipping and enabling her members to engage in effective ministry in the Name of Jesus Christ by focusing on The Laos (the whole people of God). The Department, thus, develops information and promotes initiatives that will strengthen and empower “God’s People” to provide meaningful and effective ministry, particularly at the local level of the church. By promoting the Lay Ministry Beliefs of Studying, Seeking, Sharing, and Serving, the Department of Lay Ministry seeks to live out its mission to “Reach, Teach, and Minister to All of God's People, - Equipping Them For Greater Works and Service For Him.”

The Department utilizes the efforts of the Connectional Lay Ministry Council, Connectional Stewards, Connectional Stewardesses, and Connectional Ushers to further assist God’s people enhance and develop their service capacities. The General Secretary provides oversight and leadership for the President of the: Connectional Lay Ministry Council; Connectional Steward Ministry; Connectional Stewardess Ministry; and Connectional Usher Ministry.



Lay Ministry Order Form

Lay Ministry Repot Form (Local, District, Zone, Region)


  • Connectional Lay Ministry - Mrs. Barbara Campbell
  • Connectional Steward Ministry -  Mr. Freddie McKnight, President
  • Connectional Stewardess Ministry - Mrs. Jolinda Dugger
  • Connectional Usher Ministry - Ms. Diana Winton
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 September 2020  Lay Ministry Update

  • Discipleship in Real Time: Responding to the Call to Action!”  Click Here to view flyer.
  • The Graham/Webb/Kennedy Scholarship (Click Here to retrieve the contribution form).
  • The Connectional Usher Day Letter / Connectional Usher Day Litany) are two (2) items of communication from Connectional Usher Ministry President, Ms. Diana Winton, relative to Connectional Usher Ministry Day, September 13th.
  •  Click Here to access a request from the Connectional Trustee Ministry Interim President, Attorney Barbara Bouknight.


June 2020 Connectional Stewardess Day Special Announcement and Litany

  May 2020 Lay Ministry Update from Dr. Clifford L. Harris 1)     By clicking here access information from Dr. Barbara C. Campbell, President of the Connectional Lay Ministry Council, related the 2020 Census, along with primary and early voting for the 2020 elections. 2)     The 2020 Graham-Webb- Kennedy Scholarship Application can be accessed by clicking here. Funding will be for the 2020-2021 academic year. You can also find the application in the May and June issues of the Christian Index.   March 2020 Lay Ministry Update

Graham/Webb/Kennedy Scholarship Fund: Click here to see the list of contributors. We are still accepting contributions for the 2019-2020 giving period through March 31, 2020. Continue to make checks payable to Graham/Webb/Kennedy Scholarship and mail to my office at the address below. 

Calling All Lay Leaders:  Join Dr. Harris for a conference call on  THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 2020 AT 8:00 P.M., CENTRAL STANDARD TIMEThe Call in Number is (712) 775-7035 and the Access Code is 998722#. Please have your Lay Ministry Manual available. Note: If you call in after the conference conversation has started, so that we do not have to continue to stop and start, please do not announce yourself

Please click here to access suggestions from Dr. Barbara C. Campbell, President of the Connectional Lay Ministry Council, related to absentee voting and ideas for helping youngsters who are out of school during the COVID-19 crisis.

The 2020 Graham-Webb- Kennedy Scholarship Application can be accessed by clicking here (Funding will be for the 2020-2021 academic year). The Application will also appear in the May and June issues of the Christian Index. 

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