The Laity: Engaging in Effective Ministry

Mr. Shannon Faulk General Secretary, Lay Ministries

Bishop Marvin F. Thomas, Sr.


The Department of Lay Ministry, one of ten (10) General Departments within the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, is led by General Secretary, Mr. Shannon Faulk.

The Department aids the CME Church in equipping and enabling her members to engage in effective ministry in the Name of Jesus Christ by focusing on The Laos (the whole people of God). The Department, thus, develops information and promotes initiatives that will strengthen and empower “God’s People” to provide meaningful and effective ministry, particularly at the local level of the church. By promoting the Lay Ministry Beliefs of Studying, Seeking, Sharing, and Serving, the Department of Lay Ministry seeks to live out its mission to “Reach, Teach, and Minister to All of God's People, - Equipping Them For Greater Works and Service For Him.”

The Department utilizes the efforts of the Connectional Lay Ministry Council, Connectional Stewards, Connectional Stewardesses, and Connectional Ushers to further assist God’s people enhance and develop their service capacities. The General Secretary provides oversight and leadership for the President of the: Connectional Lay Ministry Council; Connectional Steward Ministry; Connectional Stewardess Ministry; and Connectional Usher Ministry.



Intent to Run for Office - Connectional Lay Ministry

Lay Ministry Order Form

Lay Ministry Reprot Form (Local, District, Zone, Region)


    Connectional Lay Ministry - Dr. Barbara Campbell

    Connectional Steward Ministry -  Mr. Freddie McKnight, President
    Connectional Stewardess Ministry - Mrs. Jolinda Dugger

    Connectional Trustee Ministry-Attorney Barbara Bouknight
    Connectional Usher Ministry - Mrs. Dorruth Boyd

Special Announcements

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THE 2021 Connectional Lay Ministry Day is October 10th. Theme: “Laity Empowered By the Great Commission, Impacting Every Generation!” Scripture Reference: Acts 1:8 - “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

LITANY FOR CONNECTIONAL LAY MINISTRY DAY – 2021 (Written as a reading and designed to be read by one individual, due to some congregations still holding virtual services). View here.