The Young Adults’ Reflective Leadership

By Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick



Dear CME Family:

In this release, Dr. Duhart puts forward Lenten meditation and reflection Scriptures and themes for our enrichment.  They come to us from the Department of Christian Education and Nurture, the Connectional Young Adult Ministry in particular, and Bishop James B. Walker.

As we move into the Lenten Season on Wednesday, February 25, and as we, in this Season, look toward the Christ who “set His face toward Jerusalem,” we are called to walk alongside Him as we embrace our individual and congregational and connectional calls to discipleship.

These reflective and meditative themes are poignant.  All of us can find ourselves addressed by them:  Called to Accountability; A Prayer for Justice; Consequences for Injustice; Corrupt Leaders; Leading Justly; God’s Just Servant; and Resurrection Hope.

Thanks to the Connectional Young Adult Ministry (CYAM) for its leadership.

I pray we will read, meditate, and listen.

 +Lawrence L. Reddick III


2020 Lenten Readings Playlist Links


  1. Called to Accountability

Here’s a playlist for you… Called to Accountability by nh9y0vael51hklv7i1ml9ae2h



  1. A Prayer for Justice 

Here’s a playlist for you… A Prayer for Justice by nh9y0vael51hklv7i1ml9ae2h



3.Consequences for Injustice 

Here’s a playlist for you… Consequences for Injustice by nh9y0vael51hklv7i1ml9ae2h



  1. Corrupt Leaders

Here’s a playlist for you… Corrupt Leaders by nh9y0vael51hklv7i1ml9ae2h



  1. God's Just Servant



  1. Leading Justly



  1. Resurrection Hope

Here’s a playlist for you… Resurrection Hope by nh9y0vael51hklv7i1ml9ae2h