In Loving Memory
Bishop Godwin Umoette


The funeral services and activities for Bishop Godwin Thompson Umoette, the 60th bishop of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, has been slated for the weekend of August 26-27-28, 2022. Friday, August 26th will be dedicated to family and other activities; Saturday, August 27th, will be a funeral and burial at Ikot Akpan Ishiet (near Eket, Nigeria); and a memorial service on Sunday, August 28th, 2022 at the All Saints’ CME Church, Ikot Akpan Ishiet.

Persons interested in flying from the United States to the funeral should plan to fly into Lagos, Nigeria, with intentions to fly farther from Lagos to Uyo, Nigeria. Further information will be given sometime in June 2022 or made public at the General Conference.

Bishop Umoette died February 26, 2022. U.S. persons who wish to send condolences to Mrs. Elizabeth Umoette can still do so by addressing her at: Mrs. Elizabeth Umoette, Tenth Episcopal District, P. O. Box 15641, Fort Worth, Texas 76119. Mrs. Joyce Johnson of Fort Worth, who assisted both Bishops Carter and the late Bishop Umoette, will see that this is forwarded to her.

+ Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick

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The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Church, familiarly known as the CME Church, has a glorious and rich history!  The CME Church was organized December 16, 1870 in Jackson, Tennessee by 41 former slave members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.  The CME Church is a branch of Wesleyan Methodism founded and organized by John Wesley in England in 1844 and established in America as the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1784.

The CME Church celebrated its 151st anniversary on December 16, 2021.

The CME Church has more than 1.2 million members across the United States, and has missions and sister churches in Haiti, Jamaica and fourteen African nations.

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