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Chaplain Endorsement

Please click the link above to access the application for CME Chaplaincy Endorsement. Only members of the CME Church can be endorsed. This application will require you to upload your degrees, certificates for CPE and other training, confirmation of a background check and a letter of recommendation from your Presiding Bishop, as well as other personal and professional information. If something does not apply to you, upload a piece of paper saying Not Applicable. The application takes at least an hour to complete. Please allow two weeks for your endorsement certificate to arrive after you have submitted a COMPLETE application. Incomplete applications cannot be considered.

ENDORSED CHAPLAINS are required to pay $100 dues to the CME Chaplains Organization and attend the two meetings/in-services for the Chaplains (January at the Pastors Conference and August/September at the CME Unity Summit). An annual report of your chaplaincy ministry is also required. Instructions on how to submit it will be sent along with your Certificate of Endorsement.


Connectional Clinical Pastoral Education (CCPE

Please click the link above to access information, dates and the application for CCPE. The program is open clergy and lay who desire to enhance their skills in pastoral/spiritual care. It meets the requirement for CME Clergy who are seeking Full Connection. This program is not associated with any other CPE program nor accrediting organization. 

The course is offered by the Academy for Public Theology two times a year – in the Fall and in the Spring.  Attendance at two in-person sessions (lasting 2-3 days) each at your own expense are required at the beginning and end of the program. The other class sessions are held virtually (2x per month during the semester). 

The application involves several forms, a set of essay questions and a letter of recommendation from your Presiding Bishop. There is an application fee plus tuition. There are currently no scholarships available. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Email questions to [email protected]


Chaplaincy Employment

There are a number of job boards on the internet for Chaplaincy positions. Endorsement by your denomination is typically required for employment, along with other educational and experience requirements. The pathway to full-time chaplaincy employment involves several years of preparation (seminary and CPE) and Board Certification is often required by employers. A few localities (fire and police departments, small hospitals and nursing homes) may use volunteer chaplains or hire on-call chaplains, but most jobs have strict criteria for employment 

Military Chaplaincy

The requirements for Military Chaplaincy vary from branch to branch. Please consult the website of the branch (Army, Navy, Air Force, etcl) you are interested in for details. Most branches have both active duty and reserve chaplains.

Specialized Ministry

If you are interested in specialized ministry, please first have a conversation with the Chair of your Regional Committee on Ministerial Examination or your Presiding Elder or your Presiding Bishop for information, guidance and support. 


Other helpful resources:

Clinical Pastoral Education Programs – Association for Clinical Pastoral Education,

Chaplaincy Board Certification – Association of Professional Chaplains,

Pastoral Psychotherapist Programs – Association for Clinical Pastoral Education,

Other Online CPE programs – Sankofa CPE Center ( and CPEO ([email protected])

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