Judicial Council of the CME Church


The Judicial Council of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church is like a third branch of government in which bishops represent the executive branch, the General Conference represents the legislative branch and the Judicial Council represents the judicial branch.

The nine member Council, which is elected by the General Conference, guarantees "due process" for members and clergy of the Church and is the final interpreter of The Book of Discipline. Members, lay or clergy, may petition the Council for declaratory judgment (interpretation) for paragraphs of The Discipline.

The council was voted into existence by the 1946 General Conference and became operative in 1950. Prior to 1946, the bishops were the final interpreters of The Book of Discipline.

Members of the Judicial Council:

      • Rev. Dr. Jerry D. Woodfork, Sr., President
      • Judge Bertina Lampkin, Vice President
      • Attorney Bernard Snell, Clerk
      • Mrs. Barbara Nichols, Immediate Past President
      • Rev. Roland Johnson, Jr.
      • Rev Kwame Lawson Adjei
      • Attorney Shirley C. Byers
      • Dr. Lynda Bownw-Wright
      • Rev. Russell Fuller