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Anthony Smoaks, Jr.

Mr. Anthony Smoaks

General Secretary, Ministry To Men

Bishop Thomas L. Brown, Sr.

Bishop Thomas L. Brown, Sr.

Department Chairman

Department of Ministry to Men

Sons of Miles MTM

The Department of Ministry to Men is responsible for developing and promoting throughout the church an effective Christian ministry to by men. The General Secretary is Mr. Anthony Smoaks. The purpose of this department to the following:

  1. In the name of Jesus Christ help the C.M.E. Church minister to the needs and concerns of men in the church and communities in which the church is located.
  2. In wholistic ways address the chronic and systemic problems perpetrated upon African American men by unjust, racist and unequal social, economic and political conditions.
  3. In light of the Bible as God’s Word, provide guidance, hope and inspiration to men to become more sensitive to God’s will for their lives, better members of the church, and more responsible fathers, husbands and participants in the life of the community.

The Department of Ministry of Men shall provide programs, strategies, curricula and resource that shall include emphases such as the following:


Prostrate Health Education Network (PHEN) Portal:  The Department of Ministry to Men has partnered with PHEN’s online educational resources to make prostate cancer education and awareness “ever present” within your church congregations and communities. This effort will increase community outreach engagement and prostate cancer visibility to the level needed to make significant progress towards eliminating the racial disparity.

NOBLE:  The Department of Ministry to Men and the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) are partnering together to reach local Churches and Communities provide support and assistance to young people in dealing with members of the Law Enforcement Community. Through NOBLE’s Nationally Recognized Training program entitled, “The Law and Your Community” young people are provided with information to improve their understanding of Federal, State, and local laws and provide the skills to have better conversations with Law Enforcement Officials. 

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