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The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church

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4466 Elvis Presley Blvd. Memphis, TN 38116

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The 2023-24 Stewardess Calendar

The liturgical year begins with the commemoration of biblical events leading to the annunciation and birth of Jesus as expected savior in the old testament. 

2023-24 Liturgical Calendar - Index

The liturgical calendar is a table of suggested scripture readings for a three–year cycle. The readings are for each Sunday and Holy Day. 

CME Zoom Video Conference

Connect, collaborate, and create with Zoom’s AI powered platform. Empower your members and departments to collaborate and work more effectively together.

CIT Technology Portal

Hardware solutions, software applications and enterprise solutions are offered at discount rates through various vendor partnerships! 

CME Church Strategic Plan

The CME Church Strategic Plan is designed to enable the growth and development of the CME Church by focusing on the church’s critical areas.

Find A CME Church

With over 1,000 CME Churches across the United States and Africa, we invite you to find a place of worship and join a family of belivers. 

The Christian Index

The Christian Index is the official publication of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, and a member magazine of the Associated Church Press.

Missionary Messenger

Since 1940, The Missionary Messenger has served as the official organ for the Women’s Missionary Council.

A close up of the word " pastoral report ".

Pastoral Reports

Online Pastoral Reports for each Episcopal District.

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