Bishop Teresa Jefferson-Snorton

Bishop Teresa Jefferson-Snorton

Chair, Endorser

Rev. James E. Smith, Jr.


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Pan-Methodist Online Application

The CME Church joins the Pan-Methodist Commission Online Pan Methodist Common Application On-Line Process

Chaplaincy Endorsement Process

Beginning January 2019, all requests for Ecclesiastical Endorsement from The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church will be submitted using the Pan-Methodist on-line application.


CME Chaplains Organization

The Chaplains meet twice per year, at the CME Unity Summit in the Fall and at the PST Pastor’s Conference in January for training.

A retreat is scheduled periodically for more in-depth training.

Persons who are active in the organization can be employed full or part-time as chaplains, paid or volunteer, or be candidates or students.

Annual dues are required to be considered a member.


Rev. James E. Smith, Sr.

Chaplain of the Year Award

The Chaplains Organization annually recognizes one of its members for outstanding contribution to the field of chaplaincy ministry. The award is presented at the annual PST Pastor’s Conference.

Rev. Francies Mitchell (2017)

Chaplain Yolanda Gillen (2016)

Chaplain Eduardo Spragg (2015)

Past Recipients

Chaplain John “Pete” Richardson

Chaplain (Rev. Dr.) Teresa Snorton

Chaplain Leroy Johnson