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2024 Pastors; Conference Flyer

Dear CME Members and Friends,

The Phillips School of Theology will host the virtual Twenty-Seventh Pastors’ Conference & Eightieth Founders’ Celebration, January 8-11, 2024.

The theme is, “Seeing the New: Discovering Next Level Ministries that Transform Churches.” This year’s Pastors’ Conference is a milestone as we celebrate our 27th annual event in person for the first time in four years!

The registration fee for the Pastors’ Conference & Founders’ Celebration is $100. Online registration is available here . You may download a registration form here.

For additional information, please contact 404-527-7768.

We look forward to your presence at the virtual Pastors’ Conference and Founders’ Celebration! Please pray for the success of these events.

In the Service of the Lord,

Dr. Paul L. Brown, Sr.,

President-Dean, Phillips School of Theology at ITC

Bishop Sylvester Williams, Sr.,

Chair Board of Trustees, Phillips School of Theology at ITC

Guest Presenters - Coming Soon!

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